Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy Jump Day!

I keep forgetting to get my template issues resolved, but I will do so soon.  Unfortunately I think it's going to require contacting my hosting company -- hence the delay.

Boring admin things aside, after a long summer of not being able to ride as much as I wanted, thanks to work and projects around the house and just general busyness, I've finally been riding more -- at least two, but sometimes three times a week.  Just last night I decided spontaneously to ride after completing my barn chores, and just as spontaneously decided to do a little jumping.

Panama was quite pleased with that plan!

It's been a while since we've jumped, but Panama has always really liked it.  We started out with just some trot poles, since I'm wanting him to build up the muscle tone and control that he lost while we weren't riding as often.  But he seemed so energized by the trot poles that I decided to turn them into jumps.

We only trotted the jumps.  I think he probably would have liked to canter them, but he's out of shape and I didn't look forward to the thought of him heaving himself (and me, by extension) over the jumps.  I also wanted to work a little on controlling his approach and not allowing him to just bumrush the jumps (a bad habit of his).  It took a couple of reminders in each direction, but overall he did really well!  Probably better than I did, actually -- I could feel that my form was way off what it should have been.

But hey, something to work on next time.

I'm thinking "Jump Day" (instead of Hump Day) should be a thing from now on!  It sure made my Wednesday better!



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