Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Horsey headlines for June 15th, 2016

If you are on social media at all, you might have already seen one or both of these.  The first one is, I think the best:

‘Cowboy’ lassos theft suspect in Oregon Walmart parking lot

I love this.  I wonder how long it took, and whether the cowboy actually chased the bike thief down on his horse before lassoing him.  I mean, getting the horse off the trailer first had to have taken at least a couple of minutes, right?!  I guess it's lucky he was trailering the horse tacked up...

The second headline isn't quite as much fun, but it's still amusing and, of course, it's still horsey:

Lady Gaga, Urban Cowgirl, Rides Her Horse to Grab a Green Juice

I sometimes feel that with celebrities, it's just the trendy thing to get a horse, but you never really hear about them riding (and heaven knows, you don't see any evidence of it either, in the case of some actors who are really poor riders).  But hey, at least Lady Gaga is riding hers!  And although the headline makes it sound like she was just running errands, who knows -- maybe she was on a trail ride, and got thirsty!



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