Saturday, June 11, 2016

First summer ride

On Tuesday, I rode for the first time in a long time... I think maybe even a few months, although I can't remember for sure.  The series of spring snowstorms we had here in Colorado, combined with just plain busyness in my life, conspired to keep me from riding.

Because Panama and I are more out of shape than ever, it wasn't a long ride or a hard one.  I was impressed that he didn't act out, even though I didn't turn him out beforehand (and hadn't turned him out in some time).  Despite this, I was quite sore for a couple days afterward -- and by "quite sore," I mean, waddling-everywhere, every-step-hurting kinds of sore -- the kind of sore I haven't been since the early days of learning to ride.

I guess that's how you know it's been too long since you last rode.

I didn't ride alone -- I had a riding buddy, a guy friend (yes, a "friend") who is learning to ride on Rondo.  That was another reason why it wasn't a hard ride.  He mainly walked Rondo, with a little trotting and posting practice mixed in.

Panama wasn't paying very solid attention at first, so I did a lot of walk-halt-legyield-etc. to get his full attention.  It actually worked beautifully and I soon added in trotting.  We didn't do anything more than trotting, mainly because I want to be sure to build up the muscles in his topline again before I ask him for too much.

I did, however, get on Rondo and canter him, and honestly, that's probably where I made myself so sore.  The next day the insides of my thighs were excruciatingly sore, but I'm glad I took the time to ride Rondo, both for me and for him: My leaser is out of town for the month of June, and last time she was out of town for a long time he was kind of a jerk when she got back, so I wanted to keep him in practice.  And of course, the practice wasn't a bad thing for me, either.

I was hoping to get another ride in this week, but so far it doesn't look like that will happen.  Perhaps next week I can get a couple rides in...



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