Friday, August 7, 2015

First day of barn chores

This post is a few days overdue, which tells you how busy I am already -- and I haven't even started working at the barn in earnest yet.

I did, however, cover barn chores one day last week, on Tuesday.  I had a busy day, so I took V. to the barn in the morning and did chores while she rode.  All in all it took about two hours, longer than V. really needed to groom, tack, and ride... but I have it under good authority that I'll get faster as I develop a routine.

After my first day working at the barn, though, I have a few observations...

First of all, I need to get more sunscreen!  I thought I was going to burn on Tuesday.  On days when I do chores and ride, I almost certainly will burn.

There are a few other things I need, too, like a new pair of work gloves and a pair of mucking boots so I don't ruin my paddock boots.  I also need some new barn jeans that I can wear for both chores and riding, that I don't care about getting wet and dirty, and that have pockets.  (The jeggings I use for riding don't have pockets, unfortunately.)

It's hard work, but satisfying too, because I like being around the horses.  I've also had several boarders already tell me they're lucky to have me working there now, which is encouraging.  And I'm hoping being at the barn every weekday will help me to ride more often -- after all, I might as well while I'm there.

While I was at it I also dewormed both of my horses.  I got Rondo right away when V. put him in the cross ties, and he was none too happy about it.  Then I went to get Panama, who had retreated into the shelter to get out of the sun.  When I called him he poked his head out, saw me, and came strutting over, sure he was going to be ridden.  Instead I pulled him out, stuffed dewormer down his throat, and put him away again -- I had to get started on chores.  I'm sure he was less than thrilled about that.

The next two or three weeks will be tough, as I'll be doing chores after work until the kids go back to school -- and unfortunately, that's not the only jobs I'll be doing after work.  It's only for a few more weeks, though, and then my nanny work will go back to part-time, leaving me more time to focus on other jobs -- especially freelancing.



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