Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bone tired

This week is my first official week on the job at the barn.  Because the kids are still on summer break, I'm working long hours with them, swimming and such, and then going to the barn to do chores just before (and sometimes as) it's getting dark.  Every night this week, I've come home late, tired and exhausted, and fallen asleep before being able to accomplish that much.

Other than the exhaustion that comes from working too much combined with a lot of physical exertion, though, I don't find the work objectionable.

The work is difficult, in that it is physical, although the worst I've dealt with is some minor soreness here and there: a tight back Monday night, and some fatigue in my hands and wrists from scrubbing buckets.  It's not too difficult for me to handle, though, and I think it'll be much less exhausting once I am working shorter days with the kids.

I haven't had much time to ride, though.  I rode Tuesday night after finishing chores and I may not be doing that again.  I didn't get done riding until 10:30pm.  Panama was fine with that -- he was eager to ride, just the same as he would have been during the day, except maybe more so for the lack of heat -- but Rondo (whom my friend Z. rode) was catching Zs every chance he got.  I know how he felt -- I fell asleep watching TV later that night.

Anyway, it's off to another job for an hour or so, and then out to the barn for this evening's chores.  Busy week -- I can't wait until the kids go back to school!



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