Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rain, rain, go away

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it's been unusually rainy in Denver so far this spring and summer.  And apparently, it's not going to end anytime soon.  Since we're entering the time of year when we usually get afternoon thunderstorms most days, they're predicting the unusually wet weather to continue until probably September.

Yeah, Colorado's Been Wet Lately -- And Here Comes Monsoon Season

As you can imagine, I'm not particularly thrilled to hear this.

The wet weather has already been really difficult to deal with.  The barn has been muddy, to the point that some of the other horses (not mine, thank goodness!) have been having problems with their feet.  And many of the trails in the park are under water, as the lake has flooded far beyond its banks.  This happened in fall 2013, too, and it took months to repair the damage to the park and trails.

More moisture also means more (and bigger, and more aggressive) bugs.  We saw that last summer, as the flies and mosquitoes were really bad, and took a long time to go away when the cold weather came.  So far the bugs are only a little worse than usual this year, but it's bound to get more pronounced as the summer goes on.  And more bugs mean more disease: VS (vesicular stomatitis) was bad last year, and has already been confirmed in Colorado this year, too.

I'm also worried about what this means for the winter.  The last few winters have been relatively dry, but if this moisture-dumping keeps up, when the cold weather comes we'll get a LOT of snow.

And of course, the rain has caused some hitches in my progress in the summer horsemanship challenge.  Even though my barn has an indoor arena, I still have to wade through the mud to get my horses, and when that's eight or more inches of mud, it definitely makes you think twice about how badly you want to ride!

It sounds like we're pretty likely to continue having a wet summer, but I do hope that the moisture tapers off as winter approaches.  I know we can always use the moisture -- after all, this is Colorado -- but at the same time, I'd really prefer there not be so damn much of it.



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