Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Barn work

I decided to take on some barn work to cancel out some of my board, starting next month.  My morning family from spring, the preschooler I was taking to and from school in the mornings, will no longer need me, and that will represent a significant pay cut for me.

Luckily for me, the boarder who has been cleaning buckets and stalls decided to quit in August, so I'm taking over her job.  It should only be a couple hours a day, but it will reduce my board by a significant amount, especially helpful since I have two horses.

I've worked at a barn I boarded at in exchange for board once before.

At that barn, I cleaned stalls as a straight-across exchange for Panama's board (I didn't have Rondo yet).  It was a good deal, especially since there were only four or five stalls to clean.  This job is going to be about the same time commitment, I think, but of course I pay board on two horses now, instead of one, so it's not a straight-across trade.

I'm also hoping the work will force me to get out to the barn more often, and hopefully I'll also ride more often while I'm there.  It'll take some self-motivation, though.  I'm going to have to juggle the barn work as well as my freelance work around my afternoon time commitments at my nanny job.  If I'm not focused and managing my time well, I won't get all my work done, let alone have time to ride too.

It'll definitely represent a challenge for me, but hopefully it'll also be a good thing.  I'm sure my horses will be happy to see more of me!



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