Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sick days and more rain

I got sick on Friday and had to cancel a bunch of plans, including a lesson and plans to take V. to the barn to ride over the weekend.  I spent nearly the entire weekend in bed instead.

I was hoping the weekend in bed would have nipped it in the bud, but no such luck -- I'm still sick, perhaps having backslid once I had to start getting up early again.

We're also getting more rain here in Denver, so I've canceled my plans to ride with friends this evening -- with me not being fully well yet, I don't think it's a good idea for me to be out there in the cold and damp when I'm also exhausted and sick.

We've been getting an unusual amount of rain for Colorado, and as a result the lake in the open space park by the barn has been flooding again.  There was a lot of flooding a couple years ago that damaged trails and park facilities.  And here, only six months after the repairs were completed, it's all flooding again, although hopefully not quite as badly.

Then there was this article:

What A Strengthening El Niño Means For Colorado
A strong El Niño will bring increased rain to drought stricken areas of the West like California and Nevada, though it won't be enough to get them out of the drought, Wolter cautions. The precipitation it typically brings could mean good news for Colorado's farmers, especially in the parched southwest region, as well as a possible decreased wildfire risk statewide. 

Although an El Niño means more precipitation over the summer in Colorado, that doesn't translate to a snowy winter. In fact, it's often the opposite.

"Unfortunately that means a low snowpack. In mid-winter you typically just don't get much precipitation out of El Niño in Colorado," Wolter said.
I have a feeling my horses will be getting a lot of use out of their rain sheets this year.  In fact, it might finally be time to get a new (and better) rain sheet for Rondo, and maybe a second one for both horses.



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