Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The ups and downs of riding again

I've been trying to get back into riding again regularly, but I keep hitting bumps and snags in my plans.  The first snag was that long run of cold weather and snow -- I had ridden nearly every day during the preceding week, but then the weather prevented me from continuing the routine.

I've been pretty good about getting out at least a couple times a week to ride since, but this week is not looking good.  I was supposed to ride last night, but after sitting at A.'s soccer practice for a very chilly, windy hour, and then getting off work late (which would have made my whole evening very late if I'd ridden), I just didn't feel up to it.
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Friday, March 6, 2015

You know your horse loves chiro when...

I took advantage of my day off yesterday by going to the barn, pulling blankets, and spending some time with my horses.  I turned both Panama and Rondo out together to start, not knowing that there was substantial ice under the snow in the arena, from when everything melted during our nice day between snowstorms earlier in the week.  The puddles in the arena froze overnight and were covered up with snow the next day, so neither I or the horses knew they were there, and Panama crashed and slid into the rail when he was running around.  I was scared he was hurt or cast, but he's a smart boy, and pulled his leg out of the fence before getting up.

I watched him carefully after that, and he was a bit stiff when he first got up, but quickly went back to running around with Rondo.  (They were careful to avoid the ice after that though.)  Since he seemed to be okay, I went back to my original plan of riding him.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cabin fever frenzy and the Great Warm-Up of March 2015.

Last night Jess's owner, R., and I rode together, as we usually do now on Tuesday evenings.

Well, sort of.  She didn't actually ride.  The horses were all a little bit up, and she lunged and lunged while looking for an opportunity to get on.  It never came, and she left without having ridden.

Riding with someone more scared than I am makes me feel like a pro.

That might not be the nicest thing to say, but I do like feeling proud of myself for having ridden when someone else is letting their fear keep them from it.  To be fair, though, last night was rough.  Each and every horse in the indoor arena during the time I was in there acted bananas at some point or another.  They've all got some serious cabin fever, after two weeks of snow and cold and snow and cold.  And I do understand where she's coming from, because once upon a time, I was scared too (although maybe not ever that scared).
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