Friday, February 27, 2015

Cold. Snow. Repeat.

It definitely doesn't look like I'll be going out to the barn anytime soon.  Not only is it very cold (teens yesterday, very low 20s today and through the weekend), but the snow is also working to keep me grounded, as my car doesn't do so well in the snow.  Wednesday night a small snowstorm dropped about four inches of very wet, heavy snow on us, and then it got very cold, making the roads very nasty in the evening.  They must not have been much better the following morning, as I woke up to find that most of the schools in the metro area were closed.  It started snowing again around mid-day, and although it was a light snow, continued snowing throughout the evening and (I think) overnight.

The snow is supposed to fall off and on throughout the weekend, but with the only actual predicted accumulation being Saturday and Saturday night, of about one or two inches.  Still, considering we have snow-packed roads, the cold weather and lack of sun is not helpful.  All it would take would be a day of sunshine and the roads would be mostly clear, but it doesn't look like we'll get that until Monday -- and even then, the weather icons show snowflakes for Monday, Monday night, and Tuesday.

I can't wait for this weather to improve so I can start riding regularly again, as I was doing during our February heat wave!



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