Saturday, February 21, 2015

A long, busy week with no riding

After all the riding I was doing during our heat wave, I haven't ridden at all in the past week.  First there was the snowstorm last weekend, but then there was also all the babysitting I was doing during the week.  I babysat for one family all day Monday because their daughter's school was closed and they still had to work, and then another family had to take their two-month-old preemie to the hospital because of a cold that was interfering with his breathing, so I watched their three-year-old for six to eight hours every day on top of my afternoon nanny job.

I was essentially working 9 to 12 hour days most of the week, with freelance work to do at the end of the day.  I'm behind on my freelance work as a result, and will be spending this weekend catching up.

Being tired every evening and having client work still left to do (which I was still sometimes too tired to do), I didn't ride at all either.  I only worked a few hours on Friday and got out to see my boys in the afternoon, but with no time to do more than groom and hold them for the farrier before I had to leave.  We had a big snowstorm coming in -- or that was supposed to come in -- Friday night, so I had to get to the grocery store on top of having client work to catch up on.

It did start snowing last night, but only dropped about an inch on us.  The snowstorm was just a little delayed, though, as the snow started falling again early this afternoon and is only getting worse.  With the wind and how heavily the snow is falling, some areas of town are already reporting blizzard conditions, although it's not quite that here yet.

Seeing as how it's supposed to continue like this all weekend, I won't be riding again until at least Monday or Tuesday evening.  My plan is to go right back to riding frequently again, the way I was starting to do before all the extra work this past week.  Hopefully we'll get some cooperative weather soon so that I can do so!



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