Monday, November 17, 2014

Cold horses and justification for blanketing

I'm sharing blanketing duties with the owner of the new mare in our corral.  The mare's name is Jasmin, and she has -- inexplicably -- grown quite attached with Rondo.  Usually it's Panama who gets the ladies, so I was quite surprised about her choice of companions, especially since I don't think he cares all that much.

In any case, Jasmin's owner is a little on the nervous side -- she fussed about introducing Jasmin to all the horses individually the day she came before finally putting her in with them.  Likewise, she is a bit of a nervous Nellie about blanketing, not to mention she seems a bit inconsistent: She blanketed one night that I know of not too long ago for 30 degrees, but wasn't blanketing the other night for 20 or so.

I was watching the weather that night, luckily, and grew concerned because it seemed like the next day's storm was coming in sooner than it was supposed to.  I also didn't want to have to go out in the morning to blanket, so I decided to head out to the barn and blanket all three horses around midnight.

It was lucky I did!  Poor Jasmin was shivering and desperately needed that blanket.  She had worked herself up and gotten sweaty and then rolled earlier in the day, panicking because I had my horses (mostly Rondo) out of the corral.  Even though it had dried long ago, I think it was crusted down from having dried like that, and wasn't able to fluff up to keep her warm.

This just goes to show how easily their natural defense against the cold can be compromised.  It certainly made me feel good about my decision to blanket that night!



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