Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why EVERYONE should love horses

Horse Collaborative ran this article on my Facebook feed recently, and I thought my horsey-bloggy friends would be interested in reading it as well:

8 Reasons You Should Learn To Love These Under-Appreciated Animals

Most of these things won't come as any surprise to horse people, of course, but they are definitely talking points when you're trying to explain to someone why you love horses so much, or how you have benefited from having them, despite the expense.  I kinda want to give this article to V.'s mom, especially after she pressured her daughter into quitting her riding lessons a couple months ago.

Looking down this list, I'm sure all of you will be saying, "Yep... Yep... Yep..."  I definitely feel like owning and working with horses have taught me patience and helped me to develop stronger leadership skills.  And of course, we all know the value of horse therapy.  Spending the whole day at the barn on Sunday was more refreshing for me after three days of lots of work than just hanging out at home watching TV or reading or hanging out on the computer could possibly have been.

I also find the impact of horses on health to be fascinating.  Obviously I knew that even caring for horses -- and not just riding -- was good exercise, but I think it's interesting how people who have had horses their whole lives tend to be much more active and healthier in their old age.  And the possibility of equine therapy being beneficial to people with Alzheimer's is interesting too.

I think I need to go visit my horses today!



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