Thursday, October 16, 2014

Horseback riding as exercise

I love this article, How Good of an Exercise is Horseback Riding?  I've always laughingly said that I don't need to go to the gym, I have two horses, and although that's mainly just a humorous excuse for not doing something I wouldn't do anyway (I hate gyms and working out), it is true that having horses is good exercise.

As you can see when horseback riding is compared to other sports, riding is pretty good exercise.  Cantering is as good exercise as tennis, which is amazing when you think of all the running around tennis players do.  Jumping is even better exercise.  Even doing barn chores like mucking stalls is around the same level of exercise as golf (although I wonder if they are considering how much riding around in carts golfers do -- it seems to me like mucking stalls is far more work than that!).

Interestingly, I did find that over the summer, when I was too busy to go to the barn much, I gained a few pounds.  It wasn't much, but still, considering I was also doing things like going swimming with the kids, it is interesting to me that not riding made such a difference!



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