Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beautiful fall riding weather

I keep forgetting or not finding time to write about individual rides, but I've been getting a lot of good riding time in this fall.  The weather has been gorgeous: After an early freeze and a tiny bit of snow, the days have consistently been in the 60s, 70s, and even the low 80s, while the nights have been chilly enough to keep everything from heating up too much.  Pretty much perfect weather, if you ask me!
I've now ridden twice with the woman who will be leasing Rondo one day a week come November.  We'll call her H.  I think she is going to be great for all of us.  She rides English and seems to be much like me in her opinions and attitudes, so I don't feel worried about letting someone else have unsupervised time with my horse.  She has also leased another horse at my barn for the past few years, so everyone knows her pretty well, and a lot of people have told me how much they like her and how she rides.

Plus, between the two of us, Rondo will be getting plenty of adult supervision.  He tested her a little with his laziness at first, but is doing so less now that he knows she means it when she gives him a cue -- kind of like he does with me.  I told her what I'm planning to work on with him (bending, carrying his head lower and engaging his topline, turning, etc.), and she is on board with communicating so that we stay on the same page and provide some consistent expectations for him.

I plan to get out to the barn as much as possible for trail rides as long as this beautiful fall weather holds out.  Last week was crazy busy, though, and this week isn't much better, so hopefully we'll continue to have good weather next week -- especially since next week is when my nanny schedule goes to three days a week instead of five.  I would like to get Rondo out on the trail a few times myself before H. starts taking him out.  She is going to ride him in the arena and get to know him a little better before hitting the trail with him, but I'd still prefer to be the one to take him on his first few trail rides in the meantime.

I also got Panama out on the trail recently.  It was his first trail ride in quite a while, and he was thrilled:

Look at his perky ears!  He loves trail rides.  We had two minor incidents: a spook in place when a hiker unexpectedly came into view, quite close, but down a trail where we rarely see anyone, and some nerves when he saw bright red painted markings on the bike trail that weren't there before.  I made him walk past the spray paint a few times, and he got a little better about it, but that might take some more work next time we go out.

I'm loving this beautiful Indian summer -- it makes up for my crazy summer when I was too busy to ride!



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