Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Two clean horses

Monday night I got a call from a fellow boarder, kind of a nervous one, I have to admit -- but I ended up being glad she called me.

She said Panama wasn't eating, and had a funny dent in one of his cheeks.  When I arrived, he had gone back to eating, but she pointed out some weird pellets in the food trough.  Overall the horses didn't seem overly excited about them, but Panama was eating them, bobbing his head like it tasted weird, and then eating more.

The pellets smelled rather woody, so we swept them all out of the trough.  After some research (one boarder actually put the pellet in her mouth), we verified that the pellets were not actually food, but wood pellets used for bedding for some of the horses.  Someone had thrown some extra loose hay into the trough, and the pellets had been caught up in it.

Panama seemed fine, but I was still perplexed about the "dent."  It was a three-inch-long indentation at the back of his jaw, where the back molars are.  Fellow boarders weren't sure what it was, either, so I called the vet to see what she thought.  She said if it wasn't sensitive to the touch and he seemed to be fine, not to worry about it.  I had been poking and prodding at it all night with my fingers and he didn't care, so I took that to mean he was fine.  The vet said his cheek might have been puckered from the taste of the wood pellets, or perhaps he knocked his head on something earlier, but whatever it was, it wasn't an emergency, so I was satisfied with that.  I need to have fall shots done soon anyway, so if it's still there then, I'll have her take a look.

I took advantage of being out at the barn to get my horses out and groom them.  Panama was already out, so he got the first, more thorough grooming.  He had rolled earlier and had dried mud all over him, so it took some time, but I even brushed out his mane for the first time in months and trimmed his bridle path.

Then I brought Rondo out.  It was getting late and I hadn't had dinner, plus he was pretty clean, so I started with what was most pressing: his mane.  It was snarled and going every which way from months of neglect, so I brushed out the entire thing.  His mane his tremendously thick, so this took a while.  Then I trimmed his bridle path, called it a night, and put him away, too.

It was good to spend some time with both my boys.  I really need to get into the habit of doing that more often again, now that my schedule is (please God) slowing down a bit.



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