Saturday, September 27, 2014

A surprise free afternoon with my horses

I had a pleasant surprise today.  My day was originally planned to be quite busy, but my afternoon commitment canceled on me, so I found myself with several hours to myself.  So what did I do?

Went to the barn, of course.  After all, I've been talking about how I wanted to start getting out there more often.  Time to put my money... well, if I had money.  But I don't have money: I have horses.

Anyway, I got out to the barn to find my horses acting like their usual selves.  Panama was anxious for my attention:

Rondo couldn't decide if he wanted attention...

...or wanted to hide on the far side of the corral behind another horse, for fear I might put him to work.

Rondo, believe it or not, had just had a full beauty treatment on Monday.  I removed all the mud and brushed all the dreadlocks out of his mane.  His having returned everything to its prior state makes me think of a teenager's defiance.  But I liked it that way, Mom.

Poor Panama.  He was quite happy about getting to work -- until he realized it was also dinner time, and he was missing out.  To his credit, he was still relatively well behaved.  I rode him at each gait, in each direction, and let him be done as soon as he gave me a relatively controlled stride (i.e., not rushing or acting out because he wanted my dinner).  It didn't actually take very long, so it was a short ride, but it was good for both of us to refresh our skills again after a summer of neglect.

It was also a beautiful afternoon, albeit hot.  Summer seems to be sticking around for long enough that I get to enjoy it, since the kids are now back in school.  Actually, if you consider how much rain and cooler weather we had while the kids were on break, maybe this is actually our summer.

I did notice that Panama feels like he needs to see the chiropractor again.  When the vet was out a few months ago, she thought he needed his left side TMJ adjusted, and it occurred to me today -- when he was a bit fussy about picking up his left lead and bending to the left, as he gets when he needs an adjustment -- that it might also be causing the funny "dent" we noticed in his left cheek.  He might be chewing funny (as the vet was concerned about) and causing changes to the musculature there.

So the chiropractor will have to be called -- just as soon as I can afford it.  It's been an expensive few months, what with Cleo's final illness, and my hours being cut in October won't help.  I think I should be able to manage it in the next month, though, with just a little luck!



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