Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Busy summer and some horse books

Sorry for the lack of posts -- this summer has been kicking my butt.  With my busy schedule I have actually seen my horses very little, especially since V. has been out of town a lot, so I haven't been out for her lessons either.

Luckily I am off this week, but I've been enjoying writing and cleaning and working on projects around the house (okay, mostly the first one) so much that I haven't actually gone out to the barn yet.

Despite not having much else to post, I thought I would share this article on NPR, with a list of horse books -- both fiction and nonfiction -- to add to your wish list.  I personally want to read most of the books on this list, but especially Riders and On the Trail of Genghis Khan.  I've also been wanting to reread the Laura Ingalls Wilder books for a while now, and I might take this as a sign that I should do so sooner rather than later.



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