Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My pretty horses!

I didn't ride tonight, but I spent some time grooming my horses and making them pretty.  Panama was insulted yesterday when I chose to ride Rondo during my lesson instead of him -- he waited at the gate, tried to open it without me when I walked past him to get Rondo (after a few kisses, but not the halter he was hoping for), and then walked next to me all the way over to get Rondo and lead him back to the gate -- Rondo likes to walk six feet behind me, so there was plenty of room for Panama to fall in next to me.

So when I got there tonight, Panama insisted that I choose him first:

Rondo was interested, but not quite enough to leave the troughs until he'd made darn sure he'd cleaned up all the hay:

See how quickly Rondo turns color in the spring as he sheds?  Only a month ago, he looked like he did in these pictures.  Now I've had several people comment that he looks like an Appy, and one person said on Tuesday that she wasn't sure at first what horse I was riding.  In another few weeks, though, as his summer coat comes in and the white hair of his winter coat falls out, he'll turn dark again.  For some reason he always loses the dark hair first, leaving the white hair from his winter coat, and then that falls out as the dark hair of his summer coat comes in underneath it.  The final stage of his color change will be his summer coat roaning out in mid to late summer, and he'll end up looking like this:

I can't wait!

Panama started shedding first, so he's much closer to being done than Rondo.  He is nearly down to his summer coat now, so he's nice and sleek.  Tonight I groomed him well, and brushed and braided his mane.

I'll do Rondo next time I'm out and have the time to braid.  We're getting rain and a cold spell over the next few days, with possible snow on Sunday despite 80-degree weather this week -- that's Colorado for you, folks! -- but once it warms up again, I'm planning on giving both boys baths, to help them finish shedding out and to get rid of the rest of the dirt that has built up under their coats all winter long.



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