Monday, May 12, 2014

May snowstorm, Colorado style

Although I rode both horses on Saturday (which I guess also deserves a post, as it was a very interesting afternoon), I haven't been on them since, partly because of the crazy weather.  May flowers notwithstanding, we had a spring snowstorm roll in late Saturday night, with lots of rain and snow flurries overnight and turning into snow on Sunday.  We got quite a lot of snow on Sunday -- I think I probably cleared at least five inches off my car, total, throughout the day -- and kept getting flurries throughout this morning and afternoon.  It wasn't until late afternoon or early evening that the sun finally made an appearance, but it's supposed to get down to 24 degrees tonight before it starts to warm up again tomorrow.

And all this only days after it was 80 degrees.

Poor Panama is almost completely down to his winter coat, and Rondo isn't far behind him, so they both got rain sheets on Saturday and winter blankets late Saturday night, once it had cooled off enough to justify them.  (The rain sheets were only so I wouldn't have to dry them if it rained before the temperature really dropped.)  They were warm and happy when I visited them briefly to check on things this evening.

See how dirty Rondo was?  He likes to nap in his blanket -- I'm sure he thinks I put it on him so that he doesn't have to lie in the snow to sleep -- and since the amount of precipitation and the barely-freezing temperatures resulted in more puddles than snow accumulation, I suspect he was napping in the mud at some point today.

Pan stayed clean.  I think he actually prefers not to lie down or roll in his blanket.  When I take them off, though, they are both the opposite: Panama rolls almost right away, usually getting himself filthy, but Rondo doesn't like to roll in the mud, judging by how seldom I find him muddy.

They are good buddies these days:

Rondo is higher on the pecking order than Panama, but he's not mean about it, just lets Pan know with pinned ears when he wants more space.  Panama has always been very respectful and accepting of being lower on the totem pole, and he's no different with Rondo.  I'm just glad they get along well.

Also, there are two new occupants in my horses' corral:

A pair of Mallards decided that the large puddles in the horse corrals made a perfect vacation spot.  They visited the back corral, too, where Rondo used to live -- the giant puddle there is so deep the Mallards were actually swimming around in it!  You know you've gotten too much precipitation when ducks think the puddles are ponds!



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