Friday, April 25, 2014

A quick visit with the horses

My ponies are feeling ignored lately.  Despite my best intentions, I have some personal things going o in my life that have kept me from going out to the barn very much.

I did show up briefly the other day to meet the farrier and have a rear shoe put back on Rondo, but I had to go to work and couldn't stay long.  Panama clearly wanted me to pay attention to HIM, and took up a position blocking the gate while I was haltering Rondo.

Because I had to rush over and wasn't planning on staying long, I had my flip flops on.  It had literally been years since Panama had seen my toes, and he was quite interested in them.  He even tried lipping on them, and I was worried he might try biting next, so I put a stop to that right away!

But I did have time to get in a quick selfie with him:

Not my best look, but he on the other hand looks smashing!

Rondo was very good for the farrier, of course -- I think he wishes ALL the farrier's visits were that short!

Tomorrow being my birthday, I am hoping to get some quality riding time in.  It will help make me feel better, with all the upheaval in my life currently!



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