Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A rough winter

This winter has been a rough one for me and my horses.  We've had a lot of really cold weather in Colorado -- single digits and below zero kind of cold -- and of course, like much of the rest of the country, lots of snow.  Although my barn has an indoor arena, really cold is still really cold, indoor arena or not... and of course, I still have to fetch my horses from an outdoor corral and tack up in semi-outdoor cross ties.

Then too there has been the fact that I've been sick so much.  I was really sick, I think with some sort of flu, in early December, more or less right after NaNoWriMo ended.  And then in February, a bad cold took me out of commission for a while.  I think the cold itself lasted for a couple of weeks, although the worst part of it was the first week or so, and the cough stuck around for probably three weeks total.  I didn't ride at all during most of that time, and then V. got it too, so she didn't ride either.

Then too there has been all the vet trips for my older kitty, Cleo, whom I've had since college.  We've been shuffled from specialist to specialist, but I think we've finally (thanks to an expensive MRI and a spinal tap) figured out that she has some significant neurological issues going on.  It turns out the entire left side of her face is paralyzed, and the reason why she was scratching her face bloody before we put her on pain meds was because it felt weird, not because of dental pain (as we and our regular vet initially suspected).  She's on a pharmaceutical cocktail that will hopefully halt the nerve damage and give her nerves a chance to heal.

All of these factors, plus NaNoWriMo in November and the holidays, have made this winter more or less one thing after another.  If I wasn't busy with writing or the holidays, I had a vet appointment for Cleo.  If I wasn't sick, it was too cold to ride, and so on.

We're into March now, which is usually Colorado's snowiest month (followed by April).  We already had one wet spring snow on Friday, and we're supposed to get another tomorrow -- but I can handle these wet, heavy snows far more easily than I can deal with the sub-zero temperatures we were having earlier this year.  Hopefully as the weather warms up (it was probably 70 degrees or close to that today) and Cleo improves (the new medicines are already making a difference!) I will be able to get out to the barn and ride more frequently.  I did ride yesterday and it felt great to get out there for a few hours -- not to mention I know Panama (and to a lesser extent, Rondo) are getting restless and bored!



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