Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

It was cold enough last night that I had the horses blanketed, so this morning my husband and I went out to the barn to remove blankets and give the boys a little Christmas treat.  It took us some time to get out of the house, so I was worried they would be too hot by the time we got there, but they weren't.  When we got there all four horses in the corral were lying down snoozing together, so I joined them.

I love snuggling with Panama when he's lying down napping.  Rondo usually gets up, so I think it makes him a little nervous, but Panama will go right back to sleep as soon as I'm settled.  I think he likes it too.

The horses weren't the only ones napping:

The mini donkeys belong to the people who own the barn, and live in the big pasture with the cows.  They are just too cute!  Our dog Emma likes them, and they seem to like her too.

One of their favorite pastimes is teasing her while I am riding (as the pasture is next to the outdoor arena).  They like to get her to chase them back and forth along the fence.

Both boys got a Christmas mash, a present from a fellow boarder.

They are also both getting clean and oiled tack for Christmas, although that might be as much for me as for them!

I also got some money for Christmas, so I have plans to do some tack shopping next week!  I need (read: want) some various things, such as a bareback pad for Rondo, child's stirrup leathers for Rondo's jumping saddle (I'm short and I get tired of having a ton of extra leather hanging down), new half chaps to replace my worn-out ones, and possibly some tall boots.  I am slowly accumulating show clothes, and will probably get the dress shirt and coat around my birthday in April, right at the start of the show season.

The plans for the rest of the day include homemade brunch and The Princess Bride, and for dinner we are continuing our new Christmas tradition (started last year) of going out for sushi, and this year my mom is coming too!  I hope everyone else is having as wonderful a Christmas as we are!



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