Saturday, September 14, 2013

Horse chiro: Still satisfied...

I've ridden Panama a couple more times finding out that the chiropractor fixed his left lead problems, and I am happy to say that he is still doing great.  He had been taking a lot of steps to transition into the canter, especially to the left, and usually getting faster -- as though he needed that extra burst of speed at the trot in order to launch himself into the canter.  Now that is completely gone -- he picks up the canter the instant I ask for it, every single time.  We haven't done any jumping yet since the chiro was done (though we have been riding in the small indoor arena, which I think is harder than outside, because of the tighter turns and the need for him to carry himself properly), but I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am with the results of the chiro.

Not only does he pick up the canter right away now, but it feels smoother, too -- to both directions.  My trainer hopped on him briefly on Thursday while V. was taking her lesson on Rondo (I rode Panama during the lesson) and she said she could feel the difference too; and so could V., when she got on him briefly yesterday.  (She started riding Rondo in the last couple of months instead of Panama -- more on that later.)

Today I'm planning on going out to the barn with a couple of friends to ride and hang out -- one friend boards her horse there, and the other doesn't, so we are probably going to play musical ponies.  I am looking forward to a little pony playtime with friends -- after all, this is one of the advantages of having two horses!


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