Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow day!

What a weekend!  Yesterday was fairly warm (in the 40s) and beautiful, and today we are buried under a foot of snow, with more to come this evening.  We knew it was coming, so yesterday afternoon I washed and made some more repairs to Panama's blanket, making darn sure it was ready for this storm -- I even patched in some fill from one of his old blankets, one that was totally wrecked (a huge hole torn all the way through it) at the beginning of the winter.

It started snowing late last night, and hasn't really let up at all since -- sometimes the snowfall is heavy, and sometimes it lightens up a bit, but it's been pretty constant.  Right now we have ten or twelve inches at our house, and there is probably more at the barn, which is closer to the mountains.  In fact, I heard from barn friends that because of the extreme winds, there are 2-foot drifts on the road to the barn.

The snow -- which only appeared in the forecast a couple days ago -- wrecked my plans to ride Rondo again this weekend, since I had to spend much of yesterday getting Panama's blanket ready for the snowstorm.  I'm not sure I'll be digging out to go ride tomorrow, either -- even though it's supposed to be sunny and 35 degrees tomorrow, overnight is supposed to get down into the single digits, and I have a feeling it will take a while to warm up tomorrow.  Staying in until I need to pick the kids up from school sounds pretty good to me!

It sounds like we might get more snow Tuesday...  Fingers crossed that it won't be a major storm, as more snow on top of a foot or so of old snow (I doubt much will melt tomorrow) will be pretty disastrous!



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