Friday, February 15, 2013

Jumping pictures

A couple weeks ago, I got dressed up and another boarder's husband, who is an amaazing photographer, took some pictures of me.  I was really excited but also really worried, because I was afraid I wasn't good enough to be photographed yet!  And sure enough, the ride was a mixed bag -- some really good jumps, and some that weren't so good.  But luckily the camera was there to capture the great moments as well as the not-so-great.

I love this picture because of how eager Panama looks as we head toward the jump:

This is my favorite picture, because I look so much better here than I think I actually am, and Panama looks fantastic too:

The photographer also took some pictures from the front, which would have turned out so much better if I didn't make funny faces when I concentrated on the jump:

This was our last and best jump.  Panama had just given me several big, awkward jumps as I was having a hard time figuring out how many canter strides to put between the rail and the jump.  Instead of shortening his strides and squeezing in one more, as I should have been, I was letting him take bigger strides and then make it into a big, awkward jump, and I got left behind several times as a result.  (Those made for some funny pictures!)  It's too bad this picture is a little bit blurry, though, because it was our best jump: smooth, controlled, and perfectly together.

He also got this picture of us at the end, which I absolutely love, because I think it captures such a beautiful moment: I had just gotten done telling Panama what a good boy he was for that last beautiful jump!

We weren't perfect that day, but we had fun, and now we have some great pictures to prove it!



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