Saturday, January 5, 2013

Having two horses

Having two horses has been more of a time commitment than I was expecting.  Unfortunately, when I've struggled with time -- which has been a lot, this year -- it's been Rondo whose attention has suffered.  It's easier to hop on Panama for a quick ride, so when my time is limited (which is usually), that's what I do.

Last weekend, though, I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a barn friend to pull blankets for me Sunday morning, since I wasn't going to be able to get out there until nearly 1pm.  The boarder who responded only pulled Panama's blanket.  When people forget that you have two horses, it's a definite sign that you aren't spending enough time with the second!

The one thing Rondo has been getting more of, on the other hand, is my trainer's attention.  I had to cut back to one session a week for a couple of months because my budget was tighter than I was expecting, and since Rondo needs training right now more than I need lessons on Panama, that's where my focus was.  The past two weeks, I finally started up my lessons on Panama, and from here on out I'll most likely be doing two lessons a month on Panama and four sessions a month with Rondo.

My lessons on Panama have been jumping lessons.  Watching V., the little girl I nanny for, jump each week has been inspiring, and I've decided to do more of it myself.  Panama loves jumping, so I'm sure he's glad I'm starting to like it so much, too.  (By the way, I finally realized the video was missing on my post about jumping Panama, so it's there now.)

With Rondo, we are still just working on basics.  Lots of walking and trotting, and his steering is starting to get a little better (though he still turns like a semi compared with Panama).  My trainer is planning to start cantering him under saddle pretty soon.  I let her do everything first on him, since I'm not at all confident than I can handle him if he overreacts to something -- not that he has acted up under saddle yet, but still, the first few canter departures seem like they'd be the most likely time if it's going to happen!

I have some videos of us riding Rondo that I will try to upload in the next couple days.  In the meantime, I am working on my goal of riding both horses 3 times a week.  Rondo will likely only get twice this week (his session with my trainer on Thursday, which unfortunately I couldn't be there for this time, and -- hopefully -- once this weekend, either this evening or tomorrow afternoon), but hey, it was also a partial -- and very busy! -- week.



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