Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grand Prix jumping!

Last night was the Grand Prix jumping show at the National Western Stock Show here in Denver.  Like last year, I went with my trainer and a group of her other students and some of their family members, and this year I took the 11-year-old girl I nanny for.  It was a great evening, and a very tense show, with five horses in the jump-off -- though only three different riders (two of them were each riding two horses in the jump-off).

The jump we are standing in front of in the picture wasn't even one of the tallest jumps -- there were a couple that were the same height as V., and she was 4 feet 10 1/2 inches at her last checkup, earlier this month.  There may have been one even taller than her, but it was taken down for the jump-off, so it was no longer there when they let us walk around down there after the show.

No way would I ever jump anything this high -- I can't even imagine jumping anything three feet high, right now -- but it is sure fun to watch!



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