Tuesday, December 25, 2012

White Christmas!

Happy holidays to all of my readers!  We are enjoying a white Christmas here in Colorado -- kind of unusual for us, actually.  It snowed several inches overnight, and it's quite cold today (only in the teens), so I don't think I'll be going to the barn this afternoon.  The ponies should be snug and warm -- I went to the barn yesterday afternoon to blanket them and pass out homemade horse treats (the kids I take care of helped me make them) to all our friends.

Michael and I are enjoying a quiet Christmas by ourselves this year -- or rather, it would be quiet if we didn't have a 4-month-old kitten who is currently going through the most aggravating stage of kittenhood.  She did finally settle down, though, so I'm planning on spending the rest of the day quietly: reading and writing, mainly with a hot bath thrown in for good measure.  As tempting as it is to go to the barn and spend some time with my horses on Christmas, I'm also rather reluctant to face that 16-degree weather!

Later Michael and I are planning on going to our local favorite Asian restaurant for dinner (it's open!), put together a puzzle (we did one last night, too), and watch something together (probably Firefly, one of our favorite TV shows, which we are rewatching right now).

I hope everyone's holiday is happy and filled with horses!



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