Sunday, December 9, 2012


Every week, I take V., the little girl I nanny for, to her riding lesson and watch her jump.  It's made me want to step up my own lessons and do some jumping, too, but unfortunately I have had a tight couple of months, money-wise, and haven't been able to do Rondo's training and lessons on Panama

The other night, it finally occurred to me to try jumping Panama on my own.  This is kind of a big deal, because despite having taken at least a dozen jumping lessons at intervals over the last couple years, I've never attempted it on my own.  But on Wednesday night, I decided to try it -- and we did great!  We must have jumped 20 times, and it felt wonderful.

Yesterday evening, I dragged my husband out to the barn with me to watch and take some video.  Panama and I were not so much on our game, I'm afraid -- we had some pretty bad jumps.  Sometimes I wasn't far enough out of the saddle, and it caught me on the butt.  Other times I closed my legs too early, and Panama tried his best to figure out what I wanted.  Once that involved picking up a canter a stride and a half from the jump, which was disastrous because after his first canter stride, he had to squeeze in a tiny second stride and then do a deer hop over the jump in order to clear it.  He gets points for effort, though -- he never touched the pole!

The next attempt, I closed my legs too early again, and he started taking off, then second-guessed whether he should have taken another stride, so the jump had a huge hesitation in the beginning of it.  Finally, though, I figured out to stop closing my legs so early, and our last two jumps were pretty decent.  Here was our last, and I think our best, jump:

This month I am going to try to do a couple of lessons with Panama, on top of Rondo's weekly training.  I'm really looking forward to it!



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