Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Clothes for my next horse show

I've blogged recently about how much I enjoyed my first show in September, and also about our fun trip to the trail course last month.  I'm enjoying all this kind of stuff so much that I am actually planning to start showing a little next year.

Which means I need show clothes.

I already have a pair of tan tights-style breeches that I bought over the summer for this purpose (though, embarrassingly, the ladies that worked at the tack store sold me a pair of children's XL breeches -- I didn't want to spent a lot, not knowing if I would continue showing, and they were out of the inexpensive breeches in adult sizes).  I also did get black paddock boots -- finally -- so that my boots and my half chaps would match.

I still need to get a jacket and a dressy blouse, plus probably a more casual collared top for less fancy schooling shows.  I also could stand to get a black helmet cover to cover up my pink helmet (when I bought it, all they had in my size in the style I wanted was pink).  My top, jacket, and helmet cover were all borrowed in this picture (and since my trainer is a size medium, they are a little baggy on me).

I'm a little jealous of my friends from the barn who ride Western in these schooling shows.  English show clothing looks smart, but it's also very hot to be wearing a jacket in these summertime shows.  Plus, Western wear offers a lot more ways to get creative with your outfit without breaking the show's rules.  Western riders get to ride in jeans, for one thing, which I normally ride in at home, but of course I can't at a show.  As for tops, it seems like anything long-sleeved with a collar is fine.  I've seen some really pretty Western blouses at these shows, and maybe it makes me a bit of a dork, but I love when women match their blouse to their saddle blanket!

Whether you ride English or Western, simply buying the appropriate clothing to show in can be pretty expensive, unless of course you are substituting Western street clothes for Western show clothes, or borrowing from friends.  But as much as I loved showing in September, I know I am going to want to do this more often, and therefore I've decided the investment is worth it.  My plan: to ask for some show clothes (and perhaps some nicer tack, too) for Christmas, or to use any Christmas money I get to buy what I need.

Anyone else here already decide what horse-related stuff they want for Christmas?


At November 16, 2012 at 1:06 PM, Anonymous Kerrie said...

I would love to get new boots for Christmas! I don't show my horses, just ride for fun. But I haven't been able to ride for awhile, being almost 8 months pregnant. :)

Your post is inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

At November 16, 2012 at 9:43 PM, Anonymous Christine said...

How exciting to be pursuing competition further! I'd love a horse property for Christmas. I hope it'll be a reality one year!

At December 3, 2012 at 1:24 PM, Blogger Katharine Swan said...

Kerrie, how long did you keep riding while you were pregnant? My trainer rode until she was 6 months, I think it was, but another friend of mine didn't ride at all. I've always thought I would keep riding until I was too big to do it comfortably. ;o)

I already got the new boots, but maybe one year for Christmas I'll talk my hubby into getting me winter boots!

Christine, I am pretty excited -- I'll still be doing it for fun, mind you, so I don't plan on taking it TOO seriously, but I'm enjoying having a bigger goal to work toward! As for horse property, we looked and tried to buy a place a couple years ago, but weren't able to unless we were going to sell our current home, which we didn't want to do (we wanted to rent it, but didn't have enough equity in it for the monthly mortgage not to count against us). Soon afterward, though, I found my current barn, which is WAY better than having horse property, anyway -- the facilities and the people and the trail access are all wonderful! If you have to board, make sure it is something you couldn't get on a property of your own, and you feel much better about it!


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