Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Panama's most recent injury

I promised some updates, but I've been at the barn so much lately that I haven't had a chance to do so.  It's been a nice change, now that the kids are back in school, to have more time for the horses, and I have been taking full advantage of it.

I suppose one of the more pertinent updates at the moment is Panama's most recent injury.  He is still rideable, which I am pleased about, but I didn't think he was going to be when I went out to the barn a week and a half ago and found this:

This picture was taken right after I cold-hosed and cleaned it.  See the split along the top of the hoof?  It also was quite swollen, which the picture doesn't show well, but the little bulb of scar tissue above the hoof (from the trailer accident Panama was in as a baby) was so swollen and distended that it was about the size and shape of a bird's egg.

I wasn't sure whether it was an abscess that had popped out the top, or that he'd banged it on something and caused the split, but I called the vet and he came out the next day.  (He said it didn't sound like that bad of an emergency, and probably saved me a lot of money by making that call.)  By then the swelling had gone down, and you could tell that the split as it looks in this picture was not actually that deep -- it was the swelling that made it appear so bad.

The vet said it wasn't an abscess, that he just banged it, and the scar tissue split because it isn't as flexible or as resilient as regular tissue.  (I've experienced that before, when Panama got kicked on another scar when he was three, and it opened up a split then too.)  He said it shouldn't interfere with riding, because it would only be sore for another day or two, but that the biggest concern was keeping him from bumping it.  He suggested wrapping it and keeping a bell boot over it to protect it, but that only lasted a couple of days before the bell boot started rubbing him raw, so I took it off.  I'm leaving it unwrapped now, and just checking it and cleaning it every day.  It seems to be healing well, although the scab over the scar tissue tends to crack and come off regularly, between his movement in the pasture and riding, and my cleaning it.

I would have quite willingly given Panama time off if that's what he needed, but I have to admit I was quite glad to hear that he could be ridden.  The little girl I nanny for has been riding him at least once a week, and even took a lesson on him last week, and they both adore one another.  Also, with Rondo's summer off due to his bad/short trim from my now former farrier, he is just now getting back into training, so I wouldn't have had a horse to ride if Panama was out of commission!

Obviously I still have lots of updates to share, including everything that I have learned about Rondo's hooves and the importance (especially with him) of good farrier work, so stay tuned!



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At September 26, 2012 at 6:17 PM, Blogger Katharine Swan said...

I know! It started looking better quickly, but it sure looked sore when I took this! I think he'd probably just done it shortly before I found it.


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