Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Panama gets excited, and I get sore...

Yesterday was incredibly hot in Denver, so rather than going after work the way I'd planned (early evening is often the hottest part of the day in Denver), I went after dark and rode Panama indoors.  It wasn't a bad ride, but I was definitely suffering the results of being out of the saddle for over a month while my broken finger healed: Panama got very excited about being ridden (obviously our quiet ride on Thursday was only because he was tired from his bag desensitization) and extremely forward, and my legs got very tired (my leg strength having suffered in the interim).

Like I said, it wasn't a bad ride, but it wasn't great, either.  I trotted Panama for a long time before we cantered, to get him to focus on me a little more, and he still cantered more quickly than I cared for.  I was very glad we were riding inside, where the small arena tends to limit his speed somewhat -- he probably would have blasted off if we'd ridden earlier in the outdoor arena, like I'd originally planned!

I did manage to get some halfway-decent trotting and cantering in each direction, but kept the ride short, mostly because my legs were so tired that they were shaking by the time I got what I wanted out of him.  I will have to ride again soon (hopefully tomorrow evening) and start making a habit out of riding more often again, to bring him back to where I want him.

On the bright side, though, I didn't think about my broken finger once -- there was no sensitivity when I closed my fingers on the reins or asked for a whoa, like there was when I tried riding a few weeks ago.  I am also typing on the finger now -- that is a little tender at times, but not really sore.  I go back to the doctor for follow-up x-rays next week, so cross your fingers that the bone is continuing to knit!

Once we finished riding, I untacked Panama and produced a lunge whip.  My trainer wanted me to see if it's just the bag he's scared of, or if the whip rubbing on the backs of his legs, belly, back, etc. produces the same results.  He was definitely twitchy about the whip -- he is an extremely ticklish horse, though, so I think it was more discomfort than fear, because he never moved his feet.  It could also be that he trusts me more, since I'm Mom, or that I'm nicer about it because I'm Mom, or that my trainer's desensitizing efforts last week stuck with him.  I suggested that she also try just the whip next time, if only to satisfy my curiosity.

I'd planned to go out to the barn this evening, too, but that didn't work out -- between the heat, being tired from work, and some dangerously low blood sugar, I didn't feel like going after work.  So it's an evening at home to relax tonight, and I'll go tomorrow after work instead!

Me hugging my horse's neck from horseback



At June 20, 2012 at 11:27 AM, Blogger Rising Rainbow said...

I have my own pair of quivering legs going here. It's always frustrating to get to that point before I ever have what I want from the ride. Patience for healing is not my strong suit. I have to remind myself it's so good to ride the other part will eventually follow and I'll have all the strength I'll need so I don't get frustrated and quit. There is no guide book for healing so figuring out what is appropriate and what isn't whether it's a broken bone or an illness, seems to be a mine field. I hope you can find the way to navigate it that works best for you.

At July 5, 2012 at 10:56 PM, Blogger Katharine Swan said...

Sorry for the late posting of your comment -- Blogger was very late in notifying me! I am doing much better now, but I've been too busy to ride more than once a week or so... So when I rode Monday night, it made me quite sore again! So frustrating... I will be glad when summer is over and my schedule gets a bit saner, so that I can hopefully get out to the barn more often!


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