Monday, May 14, 2012

A visit to the barn and a follow-up with the hand doc

Yesterday afternoon I went to the barn for the first time since Rondo stepped on my finger Wednesday night.  My finger was still a little sore at times, especially when the splint got bumped, but overall I was feeling much better and wanted to get some horsey time in.

Rondo's reaction when he saw me was quite surprising, and I believe demonstrated that he did know I was injured (after it happened) Wednesday night, and was concerned about me.  I was pretty sure Panama knew, because he was visibly anxious while both he and Rondo were in the cross ties, and whinnied for me when we came back from putting Rondo away.  Rondo is not as demonstrative, but I thought he seemed concerned, too, as he kept trying to nuzzle my face and smell my hair while I was sitting on the step near his head, trying not to pass out or throw up.

But Rondo's behavior yesterday answered any doubts I had to whether he was worried about me: My standoffish, I'll-wait-for-you-to-come-get-me horse saw me approaching the corral, and immediately took his feet out of the hay trough (he was cleaning up scraps) and met me at the gate.  Then, while I was struggling to get the halter straightened out with only 9 fingers, he was intent on checking out the bandaged finger.  He inspected it, smelled it, and then stood as quiet as could be while I clumsily fastened his halter.

Michael's mom was with us and we were heading to brunch afterward, so I only had time to groom Rondo (who was very good) and visit briefly with Panama.  Pan was visibly disappointed that I was grooming "that other horse" instead of him, so I'm going to try to get out there tonight to make it up to him.

This morning I got some good news from the hand doctor I was told to follow up with.  I've been dreading being told I needed surgery, but that was never mentioned (whew).  He did cut down my splint so that it now covers only the top of my finger, instead of the whole thing, which makes it a little more manageable.  He also took out one of the stitches holding my nail on (boo) and said it would fall off soon (ick).  He said that this type of break doesn't tend to move around a lot, so in a few days I can start taking off the splint to shower (we'll see about that, sounds scary -- what if the nail falls off in the shower?  EW) and in a week or two I can take it off altogether and just wear a bandaid instead.  He also thought I'd be able to type with that finger in a week or two.  I didn't mention it to him, but I'm probably more likely to ride before I type with that finger again -- funny, huh?  But the thought of punching keys with the (broken) tip of my finger gives me heart palpitations, while I'm pretty sure I will be able to manage riding (even if it's not pretty) much sooner.

The doc did say that I was pretty lucky I didn't lose the end of my finger.  I mentioned that I was wearing leather work gloves -- I always wear them to groom and pick feet, though I do take them off to check for heat or other signs of injury -- and he said that probably saved my finger.  Scary... but I'm sure glad I'm in the habit of wearing those gloves!  (And it's off to replace them, pronto, now that the left one is filled with blood!)

As the doc was wrapping my finger back up, he was wrapping it pretty tight, which triggered me to comment on how swollen and sensitive the pad of that finger is.  "Is that because of the fracture?" I asked him.

"No," he said, "that's because a HORSE stepped on it!"

Oh.  Right.



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