Friday, December 9, 2011

Various improvements in all areas

Since my bareback ride on Wednesday, I haven't had time to do much with the horses, other than blanketing and pulling blankets.  Even so, there have been some various improvements.

For one, Rondo is standing much more patiently in the cross ties, and he is tolerating the blanket better when it first goes on.  Last night, for example, I had to leave him in the cross ties for a few minutes while I tended to Panama, who was in the next set of cross ties.  Rondo stood patiently and didn't fidget at all — a notable improvement!

Another big improvement: He's been letting me lay the blanket over his back without fidgeting.  Before, he was fidgeting when I was trying to lay it over his back, even though he was fine once it was there and I started straightening and fastening it.  Now he stands still for the entire thing.  BIG improvement there!

The final improvement is my husband's, not one of the horses'.  Two nights ago I brought Panama into the cross ties, but he was muddy, so Michael curried and brushed him while I blanketed Spaghetti.  Then I had to go let another boarder know that she'd left the interior lights on in her car, and when I came back from doing that, he'd blanketed Panama!  All but the leg straps, that is — he is still worried about being kicked, so he left those for me.  (I guess it's all right if I get kicked.  Ha ha.)  I've been trying to talk him into learning to blanket and unblanket (in case I can't do it sometime) for a couple of years now, with no luck, so imagine my surprise when I walked into those cross ties and saw Panama with his blanket on!

I'll make him into a horse person yet!



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