Monday, December 5, 2011

Snow, snow, and more snow!

I never thought I'd be saying this only a few days into December, but I am so sick of snow and cold weather.  We've had several consecutive snowstorms, which has amounted to probably nearly a foot of snow at our house (less in some areas around metro Denver, though).  And today the temperature is going to top out at a rockin' 15 degrees...  If it ever gets there!  Currently I think it just broke the double digits in the last half hour or so.

My horses got their blankets on Wednesday night.  I was able to pull blankets Friday morning, but they went back on Friday evening, and have been on ever since.  If it's not snowing or threatening to snow, it's simply too cold to take them off (or at least not for long enough to make a trip up there worthwhile, as was the case yesterday).

Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to get downright toasty in comparison — right above freezing — so I will be pulling blankets for a little while in the morning so that the horses can enjoy the sunshine.  I'll also probably hang out for a while, now that I finally might be able to play with my horses without freezing my butt off!



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