Thursday, December 22, 2011

A horse crazy girl and her nanny

Yesterday morning the little girl I nanny for (let's call her V.) suffered a disappointment: Her riding lesson was canceled at the last minute (supposedly the ring was too sloppy, but we were actually there already and it wasn't), and she was quite disappointed, so I took her to my barn later in the afternoon for some horsey time and to see my lesson.  I think she had a good time, and enjoyed helping me groom and tack Panama, and with blanketing after my lesson.

I hadn't ridden Panama in a while — in fact, the last time he was ridden was by my trainer a week ago — but he wasn't too poorly behaved.  My trainer had worked last week on him not leaning in through the turns, and had me doing more of the same yesterday.  It was somewhat frustrating work, and at one point my trainer had to hop on and straighten Panama out, so to speak — as good of a rider as she is, it usually only takes her a fraction of the time it takes me to get the desired action or behavior out of him.

After the ride, as we were blanketing the horses, I joked to V. that now she'd seen me getting bossed around by my trainer.  She very seriously said, "She's not bossing you around.  She's pushing you to do better."  It was so cute, and so true — so perceptive of V.  It's a good attitude, too, especially for a little girl who is learning to ride herself.  At the few lessons of hers that I've been there for, I've felt she was rather ignored by the instructor (they were group lessons, with 2-3 beginners and 2-3 more advanced students — the latter receiving more of the instructor's time and attention).  I think, with her dedication to learning to ride (despite several recent falls) and her perception of my trainer's intent, that she can handle — and really needs — an instructor who will push her more and pay more attention to correcting her bad habits.  I'm hoping her mom will use my trainer, but in any case, as long as she gets someone who is more interested in helping V. learn to ride, I'll be satisfied!



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