Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big first day and helpful friends

I was considering riding after I got done with work today, but the temperature is dropping and we have snow coming in tonight, so I decided I'd rather not.  A helpful friend at the barn — A., Spaghetti's owner, who shared blanketing duties with me last winter — was able to blanket both horses this evening, so I'll probably pull blankets for both of us Thursday morning.  We're expecting snow during the day tomorrow, so that means I likely won't get out there again until my next lesson, assuming it doesn't get canceled because of weather.  Discouraging, but with the busy day I've had and the cold front coming in, I can't say I feel motivated to do anything about it.

My first day of my new afternoon nanny job went well.  It's really mostly picking the kids up, helping the oldest with homework if needed, and playing with the youngest.  It's fun, and I get paid for it.  What's not to like?

Plus, the oldest — a girl — is into horseback riding, so I'll be taking her to lessons on Fridays.  Something I'm really looking forward to!

Today was busier than it will usually be, since our dog Grace had an appointment to get x-rays — her hip problems have gotten worse to the point where we can no longer control it with aspirin and regular walks, but the good news is it sounds like a total hip replacement won't be necessary after all, as we once thought.  The x-rays determined that she also has some spinal issues that are probably causing her some significant pain too (likely as a result of favoring her bad hip all the time), so right now we're working with the vet on finding a pharmaceutical cocktail that will relieve her pain and the swelling in her hip.  Next step will be physical therapy, as she's lost a lot of muscle in that leg during the past few months.  I'm expecting that will probably take up one of my mornings each week — with riding lessons taking up another, I will only have three mornings for writing work and riding.  I have a feeling I will get very good at jealously guarding those mornings...

I have mixed feelings about my new schedule, but on the whole I think it's a positive change — I will just have to get better at managing my time!  After 6 years of working entirely from home, I've gotten a bit spoiled, so it will certainly be an adjustment!



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