Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm not feeling like it, and Panama wonders why!

I had a long, exhausting day today.  Overnight our dog Grace pooped a little bit in her sleep — she's getting older and her hip is interfering with her doing her business when she ought to, so these sorts of accidents are becoming more common.  When she sleeps right next to my side of the bed, though, with her butt under my head, it can be a bit of a rude awakening.

Combined with an early morning (I had to take my husband to work so his car could go into the shop — I needed my sedan and he [wisely] did not want to drive my sports car to work), the accident and the allergy attack (mine) that kept me awake for a good 45 minutes afterward meant that I didn't get much sleep.  I actually managed pretty well for most of the day, until the evening.  I was planning on riding, but by the time we got to the barn I'd run out of steam.

I had a new winter blanket and a new fleece saddle pad to try on Panama, so hubby and I brushed him and played dress-up.  Then I took a look at his two old blankets — the ones he had last year and the year before started rubbing the hair off his shoulders, so I upgraded to a Weatherbeeta, which generally runs a bit bigger and has nicer shoulder gussets than my old brand (Black Storm).  I like to have a backup, though, and I didn't feel like buying two new blankets today, so I chose the nicer of last years' and switched out a leg strap to make sure it had all good hardware.  It'll need a cleaning, but I might be able to get most of it with a hose, and then I can just keep the blanket as a spare.  Panama is wrecking his blankets less frequently than he used to, so hopefully I won't need it often.

I like the saddle pad too — it's a contour fleece one, a nice change from my big quilted pad with pockets.  I think I'll get another one soon.  I don't wash the big one often enough because it's such a pain to wash, so I'm hoping that a couple of easy-to-wash fleece pads will help me be a little better about keeping them clean.

Once we were done playing dress up, I put Panama back.  He stood at the gate and waited for his "goodbye treat" — I always give him a final treat right before I leave, but usually he meets me at the fence a little closer to my car.  I think he stayed at the gate tonight because he wanted a ride, and didn't understand why I had put his saddle on him (to check the pad) and then took it all off again.  He was very vocal about it too — which he often is, but tonight even more than usual.  Poor guy.  It was almost enough to make me change my mind — if only I just weren't so tired!



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