Monday, October 24, 2011

Big changes!

This seems to be a year of transitions.

My first was my decision to start working on my novel part-time, and backing off the client work a little bit.  I've felt a bit burnt out with my usual online marketing type of work, so I'm trying to focus more on work I enjoy, such as a few blogging gigs I have.  This decision was also helped a bit by the fact that work has been a little slow over the past year or so — I wasn't marketing or looking for new work regularly, and it was taking its toll.

But of course, I also need income, so I asked the family I babysit for if they could give me more hours.  They had recently changed their nanny's hours to cover the early evenings, when they need help getting their kids back and forth from activities, which had cut down on some of my hours.

Not long after I talked to them about getting more hours, friends of theirs started looking for a new after-school nanny.  They recommended me, I interviewed, and so far it looks like I've got the job, though we have yet to talk about specifics or a start date just yet.

This of course is going to mean some big changes for me.  Some will be challenging — I'll be more restricted as to when I go to the barn, and I'll have to work around my afternoon schedule when I blanket Panama.  (In the past, when it snows, I've often blanketed Panama in the late afternoons, so that it's done before the snow starts.)  I'll also have to be a little better about managing my time and not getting distracted (I'm looking at you, Facebook) so that I maximize the time I have available as much as possible.

But here's the payoff: The job should give me enough extra income to bring Rondo up to my barn.  And there's a corral opening right now.  Happy coincidence!  I'm going to wait a few weeks before I bring him up, so I can settle into the job and make sure I like it (and will be there a while) before I take on the responsibility of a second horse.  But I love the family and love the hours, so I'm hoping it'll be a lasting arrangement.

Even if it'll be a bit of a challenge to get used to working regular hours again (babysitting is different!), I'm very much looking forward to being able to work with Rondo more regularly.  Whether I ultimately decide to keep him or just help my mother-in-law find him a home, the opportunity for regular, consistent work has been very much needed!



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