Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All thing considered...

...Panama did all right today.

Not that it was a perfect ride.  It was a quickie bareback ride with not much focus, but he was dealing with a lot, so I let it slide.

It was dinner time.

Savvy was out of the corral, getting shod, and throwing an absolute tantrum.

A new horse was moving into the 12-stall, which inspired every horse within a 50-foot radius to whinny and run back and forth.

The barn owners were cleaning runs, so the front loader was running and making lots of noise.

And we were riding outside for all of this, where Panama is distracted on even a quiet day.  And then, to top it off, Panama's right eye is weeping.  I cleaned underneath and cleared out eye boogers at least half a dozen times while I was there.  I don't think it's causing him any pain, but I suspect it may be a little light sensitive, because he is squinting just a teensy little bit.  (Of course, that could just have been a reaction to me sticking my finger in the corner of his eye every ten minutes to clean out eye boogers.)

So, as you can imagine, I didn't fuss too much when Panama was distracted.  We had to have a few discussions about what a half-halt means, but overall he was good, and I made sure not to push him too hard.  Mostly we just piddled around with A and Spaghetti.

I did put a call in to my vet to find out what I should do about Panama's eye, and at what point I should be concerned enough to have him out.  If it's worse in the morning, I'll call him on his emergency line, but I'm hoping that it'll be something that will resolve itself, or something that I can take care of on my own!



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