Monday, August 15, 2011

Plugged in

I remember, last summer, going for a trail ride with a teenage girl from my barn.  The entire ride, she had one hand on the reins while she texted with the other hand.  I was so amused, because I can't imagine being so preoccupied with my phone that I wouldn't want to enjoy a ride on my horse, but I was also appalled to think of how unprepared she would be if her horse spooked while she was texting.

I couldn't help but think of that girl, texting on a trail ride, when I saw this article about mounted police getting handheld computers that strap onto their horses in front of the saddle.  The computers allow them to look up license plates and stuff like that, just like the computer in a police car.  Obviously it's not the same thing as texting, and most of those horses are pretty bombproof and unlikely to spook, but it still amuses me to think of officers tapping away at computers mounted on their horses' necks.

Maybe I should look for a way to strap a book to my horse's neck.  Kind of like how people read while they run on the treadmill, right?  Think of how much more riding time I'd have if I could multitask like that!



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