Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another late-night ride

Tonight hubby and I headed out to the barn for another late-night ride (well, I rode, while he played around on his iPhone — as usual).  When we arrived, one of the teenage girls who boards at the barn was riding Panama's corralmate, Sammy — she rides him sometimes for his owner.  Sammy is a year younger than Panama and, according to the girl, has two speeds: I-don't-want-to and RUNRUNRUN.  Tonight was the latter!

I was originally going to ride bareback, but decided when I saw Sammy was being ridden at the same time that a saddle would be best — I never know whether another horse is going to get Panama all fired up, especially when he hasn't been ridden in a little while (last time I rode was Thursday's lesson).  Sure enough, Panama was a bit excited at first, but I was pleased when he settled into his work fairly quickly (albeit with more of a spring in his step than usual for a nighttime ride).  This was especially impressive considering Sammy was behaving more or less like he was being chased: He was cantering with his body all bunched up and his head way up in the air, and his trot looked bouncy and disorganized.

Despite Sammy's crazy-baby routine, though, Panama did just fine.  He was a bit more alert than usual and shied several times at silly things, but other than that we managed just fine.  He even overcame seeing all the arena doors open when it was dark outside (I don't usually open the doors at night, so this was apparently a big deal) and walking underneath the huge, noisy fan above the doors into the indoor barn.  (The fan sounds like a jet engine, and last year Panama wouldn't walk into the barn when it was on.  Tonight he didn't hesitate at all going in, and only briefly going out.)  It was a good ride — short, but with lots of trotting and cantering, so that my legs have that good-sore feeling now.  I'll bet we'll both sleep well tonight!



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