Monday, August 8, 2011

3 different types of animal hoarders

I didn't ride Friday or over the weekend, as I was quite busy doing other things, so no news to share in that area.  Last night, however, I did see an interesting article on my local newspaper's website:

You may be surprised by the people who hoard animals

The article cites an expert who has described 3 different types of animal hoarders:

  1. The overwhelmed caregiver, who has the best intentions but has gotten overwhelmed for some reason, or has chosen to get more animals as an attempt to self-medicate
  2. The rescue hoarder, who thinks they are rescuing the animals, that their animals are better off with them, and often operates a "rescue" (quotes because these supposed rescues are often not very rescue-like, if you look a little more closely)
  3. The exploiter hoarder, who has animals in order to feel dominant and knowledgeable about something, and "is indifferent to the harm they cause"

I think this is interesting, since I know people who are boarderline hoarders — not necessarily to the point of the worst stories you hear, but definitely having more animals than they can care for, financially or emotionally — and I can pick out which general category they fall under.  I also suspect that some hoarders fall under multiple categories, such as the rescue hoarder who contacted me months ago, trying to get publicity and donations, who was obviously hoarding in an attempt to self-medicate (when I called her on some of the inconsistencies in her email, she went off on how horrible her life was, how her emotionally abusive husband controlled the money in order to keep her from taking the dogs and leaving, etc., and my only thought was, Then what business do you have trying to run a rescue!).

What about you?  Have you known hoarders, or even people who have tendencies in that direction, and if so can you recognize them in one of the 3 categories the article describes?



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