Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday ride

I ended up not having a lesson on Thursday — my trainer was out of town for a horse show — but Panama and I rode anyway.  It was hot when we got all saddled up, and I didn't feel like riding outside, so I headed indoors — good thing I did, because the weather very quickly turned (as it often does in Colorado), throwing in some thunder and rain before settling into an overcast, slightly cooler rest of the morning.  I was very pleased to note that Panama didn't freak out when it started thundering and raining, despite our harrowing experience last week of being trapped in the indoor during a terrible thunderstorm.  What a good boy — I was really worried that he'd melt down the next time it rained or thundered when we were riding.

I was a bit lightheaded when I first got on — from being dehydrated when I first woke up, I think, even though I'd been sucking down water while I tacked up — so I started our ride fairly leisurely.  We did ultimately get a lot of trotting and cantering done, and practiced our flying changes.  I think I'm getting better with my cues, and Panama is picking up on what is expected of him — without someone there to tell me, I'm not always sure whether he's changing his lead in the back along with the front, but several times I was fairly certain he had.  Once he even changed his lead two strides before I was planning to ask.  Obviously I don't want him anticipating that all the time, but it demonstrated to me that he has figured out what we're doing.  I can't wait until we have another lesson, so that my trainer can give me some feedback on how we're doing with it!



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