Monday, June 13, 2011

Down time for both of us

I went out to the barn late this morning, but I didn't end up riding.  It was hot and I didn't feel like it, but I also felt like Panama and I were enjoying the down time too much to spoil it.  I groomed him — he was uncharacteristically itchy today, and really enjoyed a good currying, which usually tickles him and makes him uncomfortable — and brushed out his mane and tail.  I'm giving him a break from having his mane braided — tomorrow I'll redo it, since the braids seem to be doing a good job of keeping him from rubbing out his mane.  He was feeling a bit frisky, so I was able to clean a little bit of the crusty stuff off his sheath before he got annoyed with me and yanked it back up.  Then I put some hoof dressing on him (some stuff I borrowed from a friend to try it out), and turned him out in the yard to graze.

I'm going to try to ride tomorrow — hopefully I can get out there a little earlier, or even a little later, and dodge the heat a little better.



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