Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another long hiatus

Once again, it's been a while since I last blogged.  I've had two lessons since then — on the 16th, my trainer actually did most of the riding, because I wasn't feeling well that morning (probably from dehydration), and last week, Michael was on vacation, so he came and took videos of me cantering and jumping.  Those are the first videos we've gotten of me jumping, so it was a big deal to finally be able to see myself.

I haven't been riding nearly as much as I should — only about once a week for the past few weeks.  Part of it was Michael being off all last week — we spent our "staycation" doing projects around the house, shopping for stuff for the house, and doing stuff with our parents.  It was a lovely, relaxing, and productive vacation, but I spent virtually none of it with my horse.

I agonize a lot about not riding enough.  I meant to go out yesterday, but I had a lot of work to do after my long vacation, so I didn't make it.  And this morning, I was going to get up early to beat the heat and go out to the barn, but that didn't happen either.  (I slept nearly 12 hours last night, though, falling asleep several hours before I usually would, so I think I was just really tired — I didn't necessarily get to sleep a lot over vacation, as we were up late working on the house most nights.)

During a vacation like last week, I think I have plenty of reason to justify skipping rides or visits to the barn, but one of my goals for this summer is to start riding more often.  I've also made a major decision recently regarding my career, so I'm hoping to be able to fit more rides in — at least three times a week — as part of my "career reorganization" plan.

I'm determined to get out to the barn to ride this afternoon or this evening, especially since I have a lesson tomorrow.  I will also be sure to get those videos edited into one and posted on my blog sometime soon, so that you can see me (and Panama) jumping.



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