Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter ride!

Happy Easter everyone!  We've had a nice relaxing day, since we don't really do much with this holiday.  We took the dogs to the dog park in the morning, went to the barn in the early afternoon so that I could groom Panama and ride, and then went to the bookstore (yes, it was open!) to read and drink coffee (chai for me).  In a little bit we're going to have a totally non-Easter type of meal — vegan sloppy joes — and settle in to watch a movie or play a board game after dinner.

Today's ride was... interesting.  It was one of those days when neither Panama nor I were really feeling like riding.  It meant he was really good, but it also meant that he (uncharacteristically) didn't have a lot of go.  Not like he wasn't feeling well or anything — just like he was feeling a bit lazy.  I was feeling the same way, so maybe my mood was rubbing off on him.

I used Kate's 15-minute rule — I rode for about 15 minutes, with a nice walk, trot, and canter in each direction.  We worked a bit on not diving inward when we cantered to the right — he was more responsive to my leg and rein to keep him from cutting the corners, though I was still having a problem keeping him from throwing his shoulder in.  It's so funny to me that this is almost exclusively a clockwise problem — he doesn't have the same issues going the other way.  I don't know if he's left-sided, or if I am.

When 15 minutes were up and I still wasn't feeling it, I called it a day.  I opened the gate with Panama's help, and we had a 2-second discussion as to whether we were going to turn right (toward the field and the trails) or left (toward the cross ties and his corral) — he wanted to go do something more interesting, so his lack of energy might have been more indicative of boredom, not laziness.  But I still wasn't feeling it, and he didn't insist, so I "won" the discussion and he gave me a lift back to the tie stalls.

All in all, a nice holiday ride!



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