Monday, March 14, 2011

I rode today...

But first I had to find my horse beneath all the fur.

Horse shedding out in the spring

There he is!

Horse shedding out in the spring

When I got to the barn, I discovered that Savvy was back.  Her owner was there, so I stopped to chat, and found out that Savvy came back outside yesterday.  Apparently she was so fed up with being on stall rest, that when her owner was handwalking her on Saturday, she bucked and reared and took off.  After running all over the property, her owner figured that if she wasn't sore the next day, she was probably okay to come back out to the corral!

Despite having his buddy back, Panama was pretty eager for me to come get him.  He stood waiting at the gate while I chatted, occasionally whinnying with impatience.  I put him in the cross ties and spent 15 minutes shedding him out with my Epona shed flower — my favorite springtime grooming tool.  I always feels like he doesn't have enough hair in the winter, but this time of year it seems to be limitless.  I could have kept going and still kept getting more and more hair, but I gave up after a little while and turned him out.  Once he'd run a little, I hopped on bareback for a bit.

We didn't ride for long, mainly because I had to get home, but also because he was hyper and hungry and I was worried about an explosion.  It had been a while since my last ride, so we did a little refresher work on leg yielding — he has a tendency to leave his back end behind, so we've been practicing — and keeping his head relaxed and low (a real challenge this evening).

It seems the greatest irony of the evening that I spent as much time shedding him out as I did riding, and I still hopped down with my butt covered in fur afterward!



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