Thursday, March 10, 2011

High alert

My horse on high alert

Today was a busy day for a lot of reasons.

First was the farrier appointment. I arrived just a few minutes after the farrier, and found Panama waiting at the gate already. Apparently he's so bored, being all alone, that even the farrier sounds like good fun.

After his farrier appointment, Panama hung out and acted impatient while I talked to Savvy's owner.  Savvy is doing well and should be able to come back out to the corral in a few days, once she finishes her bute — the vet wants to be sure she's comfortable before she's let off stall rest.

Panama had been in the cross ties for quite a while, so I turned him out and kept chatting with Savvy's owner.  I looked up to see Panama going berserk in the arena, running around with his tail in the air.  Panama loves to run, but he's a "social runner," and usually isn't so keen on running by himself.

Turned out there was a controlled burn in the park, and apparently the smoke had gotten Panama all fired up.  He wasn't the only one, either — the horses on turnout who could see the smoke were all on high alert, and one of the horses inside the barn (a pretty easily agitated horse) worked himself into a lather, running circles in his stall.

Today is gorgeous, one of the nicest days we've had yet this year, but with all that was going on I decided not to ride.  I hadn't felt like it when I got up this morning, even though I dressed in my riding clothes (hoping I'd change my mind once I was there), and I didn't need much of an excuse.  I'm sure Panama would have enjoyed a ride, but I just wasn't in the mood to deal with any general uppiness as a result of the controlled burn.

I did hang out at the barn for several hours, but I felt like I ought to get a little more enjoyment out of this nice weather, so right now I'm doing my work out in the backyard.  Poor substitute for a ride, I know, but some days you just aren't feeling it!



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